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What Amount Of Your Skincare Products Should You Be Using?

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Hand MD

We’ve all been a little overzealous at times when it comes to the amount of product that we use (it’s okay to admit it). We’re hand care professionals and we still catch ourselves using too much of our amazing hand care. But, how much should you really be using to still get the most out of your skin care products, and perhaps cut back on how often you’re having to refill your products?

Hand MD Cleanser


When it comes to washing your hands you don’t want to spare any expense, especially if they are noticeably dirty. The amount of soap that you should be using should equal the size of a hazelnut!

Hand MD Exfoliator Peel


You want to ensure that it covers your hands entirely, but chances are, you may be using too much. Because our Exfoliating Peel comes in a jar, it can be easy to dive in and grab a little too much. Though, you only really need to use about the size of an almond for it to still have the same effect. Pro tip: Make sure your hands are a little damp before you apply the scrub, that way you’ll be able to rub it around a little better.

Hand MD Anti Aging Serum


Ahh serum, that little anti-aging goodness. You might be tempted to use… the whole bottle - but that’s really not necessary. Serum is super concentrated, so you only need to apply about the size of a pea (this equals the 1-2 pumps that we advise on our Daily Dual Repair). Pro tip: ensure that you apply your serum to your hands before your moisturizer to allow it to sink into your skin deeper! 

Hand MD Skin Moisturizer


The finishing touch, this is something that you can use more of, as you’ll be applying it all day long to ensure that your hands remain hydrated. However, each time you apply, try to use only approximately 2 raisins worth.

So, there you have it, hopefully that will help you use the right amount of product. And, maybe even keep a little money in your pocketbook - which you can also do by shopping our 25% off sitewide sale before it’s over!    

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