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Daily Dual Repair
Michelle W.
So far so good

Company was easy to deal with, shipping was very fast & well packaged. Have only used for a couple of days, but so far its good. Not greasy, but, soaks right in

Love loved

Love loved

Exfoliating Peel
Kimberly C.
Exfoliating Peel

The Exfoliating Peel made an immediate difference in the feel of my hands. They were softer. I am now comfortable shaking hands.

Hand MD

Great product, helps with my dry hands in this cold weather

Truly a Difference

I absolutely love this product!! I could see the results within a week and only wish I had found it sooner.

Rehydration Cream
Marietta P.
I absolutely love it!

I absolutely love it!

Daily Dual Repair
Patricia M.
Love the Daily Dual Repair!!

Love the Daily Dual Repair!!

It’s such an amazing experience

It’s such an amazing experience using Hand MD. I’ve got value for my money

Wonderful product

Best hand lotion I’ve ever used.

Rehydration Cream
Brianna M.
I love this hand cream

This is the best hand cream I recommend everyone to try this .

Daily Dual Repair
Roberta A.
Awesome stuff

I am 61 and live in the south, my hands are very tanned! In just a week the fine lines are diminshing and the skin on my hands is plump and soft! Feels amazing!

Daily Dual Repair
Jessica L.D.
A velvet handed nurse

I love everything about this product. I am a nurse, and washing hands over and over can cause baggy, older looking skin. This product plumps my hands instantly. It feels so soft! It has a wonderful scent. It does not leave my hands greasy. I highly recommend it!!


Wrinkle and thin skin less and less every day,I am 66 years old I lobe my hands

Nice and smooth.

I really like everything I have used so far. The hand cream leaves my hands nice and smooth. I love the exfoliation that I'm using on my hands too.

Loving it

Just started using it and I’m loving it so far. I took a before picture and waiting to take another picture in a couple more weeks.

Very nice hand cream.

Very nice hand cream. Fragrance is very light. Absorbs quickly. Not sticky or greasy. Softens skin.

Hand MD Combo

The exfoliating peel, daily duo repair and rehydration ceme combination trio worked extremely well together when used as directed. The back of my hands look much smoother and more hydrated than before. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with dehydrated and lined hands.

Restoration Cream

I have been using the hand cream for a month and my hands look less wrinkled already

Notice the difference

I started using the Hand MD serum and moisturizer, but when I ran out of this product, I could not purchase it at a store due to the covid lockdown. I noticed that the wrinkles on my hands were becoming more prominent. I searched the Internet and discovered that I could order online and actually, the price was much cheaper than what I had been paying at a store. I am happy that I can start using Hand MD again and look forward to improvement in the appearance of my hands. Plus, I can take advantage of the specials offered through the website.

in love.

This is the best peel it makes your hands so soft and it keeps the brown spots away it's a must have.............

Love this stuff it makes

Love this stuff it makes my hands feel so smooth and smells great, I can see it helping with aging and wrinkles

I have noticed a big improvement

I have been fighting age spots on my hands using different lotions and serums, but I've noticed a bigger difference in fading using MD Hand than anything else I've tried. My hands are smoother, softer and and look noticeably better.

so happy with this purchase!

My hands feel amazingly soft and healthy after using Hand MD's products (daily dual repair, cleanser, and rehydration cream as needed)! They really have made a huge difference since my hands were red, dry and very irritated before due to frequent handwashing as a healthcare provider - now they feel and look great! Will definitely keep purchasing and will recommend to anybody who is interested.

Hand cream

I absolutely love how the lotion hand cream is not greasy and at all. I use the the hand scrub twice a week and it keeps my hands feeling super soft.

The Bundle

These three products are absolutely amazing! My hands haven’t felt this soft in years. Even my nail lady is happy with the way my hands look!