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Your Summer Skin Fix!

Posted by Lori on

Hand MD

Ah, we’re all in the midst of back to school and the end of Summer for 2022. Sure, we have our reminders of the fun we had but there’s one reminder that we wish we could leave behind… that dehydrated, sun damaged skin. 

You applied your SPF religiously, but it’s very possible that your hands missed out, or maybe you forgot to reapply after washing or swimming. That’s where we come in, after all we are your one and only hand brand.

So, let’s break down your post summer routine to get your hands back to being hydrated and soft.  

Exfoliate to slough away dry skin

Invest in an amazing exfoliator. 

To reveal glowing skin, we need to make sure that we slough away those dry, damaged cells & promote new cell turnover. This can be done by using either a physical or chemical exfoliant. The good news is Exfoliating Peel has both. Apricot Seed & Sugarcane contribute to physical exfoliation, while Glycolic & Lactic Acids aid in chemical exfoliation. Though, not to worry, this formula is super gentle on your skin!

Add moisture back into your skin

 Put moisture back into your skin.

Well, obviously. But, if you’re wondering how to do this it’s super easy. Use a cream that contains multiple ingredients that are known to provide hydration. Such as: hyaluronic acid, olive oil, & safflower seed oil. Daily Dual Repair delivers all of these benefits (and more).


Serum to help reverse sun damage

Start reversing sun damage.

If there’s anything at all that will make your skin age faster, it’s UV damage from the sun. Help reverse and prevent fine lines, wrinkles & brighten hyperpigmentation spots with a great serum (yes, for your hands). Vitamin C, Retinol and Niacinamide are definitely your go-to ingredients to help with this.

There you have it, a super simple routine to get your skin glowing, hydrated and soothed from the summer sun. Need to start? Save 20% off here!

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