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Welcome To The Hand MD Blog

Posted by Lori on

Hand MD


I’m super excited to be writing this and introducing you to our brand new Hand MD blog. I'll be putting up new articles all the time, sometimes from me, sometimes from a member of the team!

The whole idea of this blog is to not just to talk about the best ways to use our products, but to talk about HANDS, why HANDS matter so much, and everything you need for HANDS. Hands are my passion and sharing this passion with you is what I am most excited for.

A little background on why Hand MD was started - people look at your hands and can accurately guess your age, actually they may even think you’re older than you really are. Hands are used A LOT, and we put them through so much. So, they actually age faster than you would expect. This is because the skin on the backs of our hands has very few oil glands so moisture is easily stripped away. The skin is also thinner, and over time the volume decreases underneath causing those fine lines and wrinkles to quickly appear. Regular anti-aging creams and serums just won’t work on your hands because hands are tough, much tougher than your face. The ingredients in those eye creams and serums just don’t cut it (yes, even your $450 one), so here I am to introduce you to the first anti-aging skincare line formulated specifically for your HANDS! 

I can’t wait to share some really cool stuff with you all here!

See you soon,

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