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Wake Up Feeling Rejuvenated with our Favorite Night Time Skincare Routine!

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Hand MD

Alright, let’s set the scene. You've had a long day at work and it's about time to settle in for the night. You step in front of the mirror and it's time to remove that long day from your face and body. We know just what to do! We’ll go through some of the skincare musts that the Hand MD team can’t go a night without!

Skin Care: Face Washing

Step 1: Cleanse!

Start with a fresh face by removing any makeup or oil & grime that is still remaining from the day. Stick to something non-drying that doesn’t require too much scrubbing to get you clean. The favorites on the team? Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O Micellar Water or Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser.
Love your night time showers? Make sure to start with your shower first before you cleanse. Although cleansing your face in the shower saves time, it can do more harm than good. Hair care and hot water can clog your pores and damage your skin! So, start off with a shower before jumping into your routine!

Hand Care Regime: Serum To Tone and Treat

Step 2: Tone and treat!

Once you’ve got your face fresh, it’s time to tone and treat! The Hand MD team loves to start off with Estee Lauder’s Perfectly Clean Multi-Action toner. But, what is toning? Toning is an essential part of your routine in order to remove residue and minimize pores! What’s next? We use Clarins’ Double Serum on our face and neck to treat visible signs of aging.
While a serum isn’t necessary, it’s the best way to target and treat any specific skin concerns. Got oily skin? Use a serum with Salicylic Acid. Skin dehydrated? A serum with Hyaluronic Acid will give you the boost you need!

Skin Care Routine: Skin Moisturizer

Step 3: Moisturize!

So, now your face is cleansed, toned, and treated! It’s time to protect your skin and lock in moisture! Spend the time to look at the ingredients in your moisturizer and choose one based on your skin’s needs. Biotherm’s Aquasource Night Spa is a favorite amongst the Hand MD team. It leaves your skin feeling supple and soft all night and into the morning!

Skin Care Routine: Hand Moisturizing Treatment

Step 4: Don’t forget your body!

It can be easy to forget your body sometimes when your face is feeling pampered! We love applying Korres’ Body Butter to nourish and protect our body. And, you know we would never forget our hands! After cleansing with our hydrating Hand Cleansers, we apply our Daily Dual Repair’s serum and cream to wake up with flawless, youthful hands!

Now you’re ready for bed, and prepped to wake up feeling refreshed and revived! Every so often it’s nice to switch up our skincare routine with a little something special. Whether it’s doing a leave-on night time face mask, or giving our hands a good scrub with our Exfoliating Peel, we love giving our skin a little extra attention to make sure it’s flawless. Switch up your routine as you see fit, but stick to the 4 main steps and you’re sure to wake up your best self!

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