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The Retinol Treatment To Add To Your Skin Care Regime ASAP!

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Hand MD

Retinol - it seems like you hear that word on every commercial for the newest anti-aging cream to fight those fine lines and crow's feet around your eyes. But, what if we told you that your hands can also benefit from this popular anti-aging ingredient? You’ve heard it from us before, the skin on the back of your hands actually ages faster than the skin on your face and you can be left with fine lines, wrinkles & age spots. If only those eye creams were strong enough to help. Well, we had that same thought. Which is why we created our Daily Dual Repair anti-aging skin care treatment.

Hand MD Daily Dual Repair Clinical Studies

Clinically Tested Skin Care Results

Our Daily Dual Repair is a clinically tested 2-step treatment for your hands. Both the serum & moisturizer contain that amazing ingredient, retinol - so your hands are getting a double-dose to really help your hands look youthful and radiant. In fact, in our clinical trial, 86% of women saw an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, it’s not just for combating fine lines and wrinkles. In the same clinical study, 100% of women had an increase in hydration thanks to hyaluronic acid & safflower oil. 88% of women had an increase in skin radiance and 70.59% reported a decrease in the appearance of age spots.

Daily Dual Repair - How To Apply

Easy To Use 2 Step Treatment

Although, a 2-step treatment sounds like it’s going to be a lot of work to fit into your busy day, it’s really not - you only need to use Daily Dual Repair twice a day. Just add it into your existing morning and nighttime skin care routine - you just use 1-3 pumps of the serum onto the back of your hands & rub it in before doing the same with the moisturizer. The only thing you need to remember is to apply it to the backs of your hands, because let’s face it - when was the last time you saw a wrinkle or age spot on your palm?!

Daily Dual 2 Step Skin Treatment

If you’re ready to fight the signs of aging on your hands and keep them looking youthful, add Daily Dual Repair to your bathroom counter and see the difference for yourself!

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