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The Best Manicure Trends This Season!

Posted by Lori on

Hand MD

You’ve taken the time to treat your hands to the best skin care to make them appear hydrated, smooth and radiant, so why not pamper yourself with a manicure to really show them off. Whether you’re a “weekly mani” kind of woman or you treat yourself just once in a while - we have the best polish trends that will have you running to the nail salon.

Glitter Manicure | Hand MD


Yes, that’s right - bring on the fun. Try adding a top coat of glitter polish to a complimentary solid base, add glitter accents (think ombre on your nails) or just go full on glitter. Our pick: Smith & Cult in Glass Souls - $18

White Polish Manicure | Hand MD


What better way to bring out that summer glow than with snow white nails. For the best results, make sure your polish is super saturated and opaque. Our pick: OPI Alpine Snow - $10.50

Lilac Manicure | Hand MD


Sure, we love a deep, dark purple - but try lightening it up for spring with the perfect pastel. Our pick: Lauren B Beauty in Pale Sand Paradise - $18

Iridescent Manicure | Hand MD


You might use a highlighter on your cheekbones, but why not bring that shimmer and shine to your nails too. Choose a neutral to keep it classic with a little twist or go crazy and pick a mermaid shade. Our pick: Nails Inc in Primrose Street - £15

If you can’t wait to get into the nail salon to try out these trends, why not invite your girlfriends over, crack a bottle of wine and exfoliate, paint, treat and hydrate with an at home mani featuring Hand MD.

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