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Summer Travel Guide: What You NEED In Your Travel Bag To Keep Your Skin Healthy!

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The official first day of summer is just around the corner, school is almost over & summer vacation is almost here. You may be busy planning your week at the beach, cruising around to different amusement parks with the kids, wine tours in the country - who knows what’s in store. But, one thing we do know is that you'll be spending time in the sun and the heat, so it’s important to make sure you pack all the right products for your skin care routine!

SPF Skin Care In The Sun


This one seems obvious doesn’t it? Make sure to pack enough to last you, as you’ll need to be applying it every few hours to make sure it does it’s job. Don’t forget to apply it before your moisturizer so it really sinks into your skin, and don’t forget to apply it to those hands of yours - after all, they age faster than anywhere else on your body!

Skin Care Exfoliating Peel


All that time in the sun can make your skin so dry and nothing is worse than dry, flaky skin when your laying on the beach or wearing that super cute summer dress. Exfoliate your skin a few times a week to remove dry skin on your body, face and hands. Make sure you apply your SPF after, as exfoliating does leave your skin more vulnerable.

Hand MD Travel Moisturizer - Purse Size


There’s nothing new here, moisturizer is essential all year round and even in the summertime, it will pump your skin full of hydration to keep it glowing! Find one that you’re able to toss into your bag for on-the-go hydration while you’re at it too!

Aloe For Skin Care

After Sun Spray, Gel, or Balm

It happens to the best of us, maybe we forgot to toss our SPF into our bag for at the beach top-ups, or you fell asleep basking in the heat of the sun - you got a little crisp. A good after-sun product can be your saviour, they typically help to speed up healing and help provide relief from the warm & stinging. Find a product with soothing aloe vera to relieve discomfort!

We’ve heard it for years, spend time in the sun and you’ll pay for it later with accelerated aging. There’s no better way to get ahead of the damage than to start preventing it before it happens - especially on your hands. Try our full line of anti-aging skin care this summer to help prevent those fine lines and wrinkles from developing!

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