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How To Take Care Of Your Skin When You’re Dealing With Stress

Posted by Lori on

Hand MD

After a long week at work, or a stressful day with the family, the last thing you usually think about is  “how will this affect my skin?”. It’s usually something that flares up a few days after the fact and makes you realize that you’ve neglected your skin a little bit. But it's important that we try our best not to completely ignore it. It is vital to skin's health to take care of it when it's most vulnerable! Our hand care is a fantastic way to give your hands some much needed relief (we can’t imagine a day without our Daily Dual Repair!), but there are also some small habits we can put in place to make sure that the daily stresses of life don’t take their toll on our skin.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

It’s the first thing we neglect when we are stressed out - proper hydration! It’s easy to replace our water intake for the day with another cup of coffee or a soda when you’re stressed, but your skin will suffer. Lack of water causes dehydration, inflammation, and dry skin & flaking. Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and eat tons of fruits & veggies with a high water content (cucumber, berries, oranges, broccoli, zucchini, etc.). Make water more interesting for yourself - add some cucumber or lemon to infuse some natural flavor without the calories or get a water bottle that tracks your water intake.


Keep Calm

Remaining calm is definitely easier said than done in the moment, but there are lots of great tactics to help ground yourself. When you’re not stressed, take time to practice meditation and mindful breathing - that way you’re well versed in the tactics when something stressful comes up! Taking a bath is also a great way to relax and ease stress. Baths can also ease some of the physical symptoms of stress, such as hives, rashes, and flare ups of pre-existing skin conditions. It’s not always possible to meditate or take a bath, so you may need to take different steps at work or when you’re out running errands. Whether it’s making sure you always have your earbuds on you to relax with some music, or making sure you have a cozy sweater around, there are always steps you can take!


Loosen Up

If you live a high-stress life, you may find you hold yourself tense. Unfortunately, this tension can cause early onset fine lines and wrinkles. In order to release your tension, make sure to exercise and practice yoga regularly! Remaining active keeps your joints and your muscles nice and loose. For the stressed out person on the go, make sure to stretch when you start your day and whenever you find the time. Your back posture and your skin will thank you!


Stick To Your Routine

We all go through those days where we can’t be bothered to do our full skincare routine before bed, or eating well feels like a pain, or even getting a good sleep feels near impossible. However, keeping a healthy routine is all a large part of maintaining your immune system. Keeping your immune system strong will make sure your skin heals faster and is stronger & overall more protected. 

These steps may seem like a lot to take on all at once, but a little practice goes a long way. Managing your stress in a healthy way benefits your skin, but also so many other aspects of your life. Stress happens, but tired, old looking skin doesn’t have to!

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