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Healthy Body, Healthy Skin

Posted by Lori on

Hand MD

We know that doing some exercise is good for our overall health, and seeing numbers drop on the scale can be a plus as well. Though, we’ve all told ourselves that we’ll start tomorrow, or start on Monday but, we’re giving you another push to start that workout today. Exercising can be a great asset to your skin care routine, and it has some amazing benefits! 

Being Relaxed Good For Skin

Workout To Worry Free

Our bodies contain a hormone called cortisol, and exercising can actually help to maintain a healthy level of this. If your cortisol levels are higher, it can lead to breakouts and the collagen in your skin breaking down, which can mean that fine lines and wrinkles might start to appear. Working out can aid collagen production for firm, supple & wrinkle-free skin!

Sweating Is Good For Skin

Sweating For Smoother Skin

Yes, we get it - sweating isn’t always pretty, but you sometimes need to push yourself to the next level with your exercise and get a little sweaty. Sweating pushes toxins out of your pores which can reduce breakouts. However, after your sweat session, make sure to wash your face so those nasty toxins aren’t sitting on your skin! 

Toned Muscles For Healthy Skin

Toned Muscles Means Taut Skin

Switch up your workout routine - hop off of the elliptical and pick up some weights to improve your muscle tone. After-all, under our skin we have muscle, so the more toned our muscles become, the smoother and firmer our skin appears.  

So, this weekend set the DVR to record the upcoming episode of your favorite show and get out for a little workout session. And, don’t forget to take rest days and practice some self care for a healthy mind as well! Our luxurious hand care is not only great for your skin, but also a perfect way to relax. Whether you take 30 minutes to yourself and go for a walk around the block or spend an hour at the gym - the benefits of taking care of your body are endless!

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