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Get Wedding Ready Hands

Posted by Lori on

Hand MD

‘Tis the season.. for weddings! And, if you’re the bride, you may have just come to the realization that your hands play an important part on your big day as well as those prior. From the moment your beautiful diamond is placed on your finger and you take that excited, teary eyed, “I just said yes” photo you’ll want your hands to be picture perfect. In the time ahead, you’ll have friends and family (sometimes even complete strangers) grabbing your hand to take a look at your new accessory. Plus, you’ll have an engagement shoot that focuses directly on that rock. You can easily keep your hands looking flawless and fresh by following a few easy steps at home!  

Wedding Ring Hands With Exfoliating Peel

Keep Your Hands Soft & Smooth

Exfoliating is the key to this, not only will your hands look absolutely radiant in the photos you take, but they’ll be baby soft for your partner as well. Use our Exfoliating Peel one to two times per week, and scrub for just 35-45 seconds! 

Woman's Hand With Engagement Ring And Hand Care

Combat Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Hyperpigmentation

Ensure your hands are always looking youthful with Daily Dual Repair. It’s clinically tested to fight and reverse any fine lines or wrinkles that may appear. It can also help to combat any hyperpigmentation, aka dark spots, leaving your hands looking like they’ve already been photoshopped.

Women's Hand With Engagement Ring & Moisturizer

Pump Your Hands Full Of Moisture

This is an important one… keep your hands super hydrated so you don’t risk any dry spots popping up. Rehydration Cream is your on-the-go solution to make sure you’re never without a hand cream. Our tip… stash one everywhere - car, desk, purse. You’ll love having the non-greasy, quick absorbing formula wherever, whenever!

Woman's Manicured Hand With Engagement Ring

Now that your hands are looking fab, you’ll want to ensure your nails do too. Getting your nails done in a salon is definitely the treat you’ll want leading up to your big day. Struggling to decide when you should get them done? We recommend making an appointment the day before your engagement shoot & your wedding day if you’re choosing regular polish. Though, if you’re opting to go for a gel polish or acrylics, a couple days prior should be totally fine. 

When choosing a nail color, we’d suggest that you stick to something a little more subdued so your diamond takes centre stage. Try classic french tips, a super light pink (our fave is OPI - Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon) or a nice nude (our fave is Essie - Ballet Slippers). If you’re wanting to play with something a little extra, add a subtle shimmer or pearlescent finish to the top! 

Start getting ready for the day of your dreams, and shop our collection of hand care!

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