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The 45 Second Skin Care Fix For Dry, Rough Hands

Posted by Lori on

Hand MD

Do you ever pull away when your significant other tries to hold your hand, or panic when someone reaches out for a handshake because of the way your hands are feeling? Whether your hands are calloused from doing those 5am gym sessions, or thanks to the weather where you live - we have the easiest fix to add to your skin care routine and it will only take 45 seconds a day.

Exfoliating Peel For Hands

100% Consumer Rating

This wonderful little jar can often be overlooked, but trust us as soon as you use it - we think you’ll become just as addicted to it as we are. Your hands will literally never look or feel the same thanks to our Exfoliating Peel, and when we did a consumer use survey - 100% of the women agreed with us too.

Hand MD Exfoliating Peel

Scrub & Moisturize Your Way To Healthier Skin

What makes it so great? The luxurious ingredients that we used, of course. You will buff away dry, dull, & dead skin cells with apricot seed and sugarcane. Moisturize with sea kelp which is an antioxidant that is high in minerals. Soothe your skin thanks to the probiotics that balance the pH of the skin to reduce inflammation. And, help fight fine lines and wrinkles with glycolic and lactic acids. You will see all of those benefits using it twice a week, and did we already mention you only need scrub for 30-45 seconds?! Once you’ve removed all that roughness, your hands will have the perfect base to follow up with your additional products in your anti-aging skin care routine and really give your hands the treat they deserve.

Hand MD Skin Care

Every time we use our Exfoliating Peel, we are still left amazed, and we truly think that you will be too - so why not give it a try!

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