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4 Ways To Work With Your Hands That Are Good For Your Health

Posted by Emma on

Hand MD

Our hands play such an important part in our everyday life. That’s why we have to take care of them. But did you know that working with your hands is also beneficial to your health? Here are some fun ways you can work with your hands that have specific health benefits!

Hands Making Dough - Cooking For Health

Decompress With Cooking & Baking

Both cooking and baking do wonders for your mental health. Following a specific set of directions helps you get out of your head and focus at the task at hand. Ultimately you have less opportunity to feel anxious - breaking the pattern of negativity. There are also lots of opportunities for mindfulness (bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment). Tasks such as chopping, kneading, and peeling are great opportunities to observe sensations such as smell, texture, color, and sometimes sneaking in a little taste! Cooking and baking are even starting to be recognised as a form of therapy. Culinary Arts Therapy uses cooking and baking as a treatment for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, ADHD, and addiction. Try cooking with some superfoods to see some benefits in your skin!

Hand MD - Healthy For Hands

Look Good And Feel Good With Gardening

There’s something beautiful about placing something small and insignificant in dirt and it growing into something completely different. Gardening is incredibly rewarding for your health. Benefits to your physical health can be seen in as little as one hour of light gardening or yard work, which burns up to 330 calories. Sticking your hands in the dirt can even have mood boosting effects. A harmless bacteria commonly found in soil has been proven to produce similar effects to an antidepressant in mice. So, next time, don’t be afraid to get your hands a little dirty!

Clay For Health Hands & Skin

Express Yourself With Arts & Crafts

No matter what medium you choose, arts & crafts are not only fun, but are a fantastic way to relieve stress and express yourself. It’s easy to forget your worries and let time just pass by when you’re absorbed in a creative project. Your end product doesn’t have to be “good” by any means, just the act of creating and expressing yourself is linked to an increase in mental health, improved memory and increased emotional resilience. 

Hand Writing For Healthy Hands

Get Your Thoughts Out With Writing

It’s a somewhat dying art, but handwriting does more for your health than you’d expect! Whether you’re writing out your thoughts, writing a novel, or just organizing your day writing shows benefits for your mental and even physical healthJournaling gives you a new perspective and overall allow for more optimism and improved mental health. Not into journaling? Novels are a fantastic creative outlet that allows you to express yourself and expand your imagination.

Keeping your hands busy can take its toll on your hands. Make sure you show them some TLC with our Bestsellers Bundle. You won’t regret it!

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